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Warehouse Officer
Warehouse Officer 1.Not Yet Confirmed 13-Jul-2021
1.Not Yet Confirmed 13-Jul-2021 31-Jul-2021;09:59:59GMT
Truck and Shovel Engineer | Caval Ridge | 8:6 Australia 28-Jul-2021 06-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Technician Mining Cage Operator | Nickel West | Leinster | FIFO 7/7 Australia 20-Jul-2021 31-Jul-2021;11:59:59GMT
Technician Mechanical Maintenance | Kwinana | 5/2 Australia 27-Jul-2021 03-Aug-2021;10:29:59GMT
Technician Maintenance | Kalgoorlie | 5/2 Australia 27-Jul-2021 10-Aug-2021;10:29:59GMT
Supervisor(a) Eléctrico(a) Mantenimiento Ripios Chile 29-Jul-2021 05-Aug-2021;23:59:59GMT
Supervisor Technology Surface Maintenance | Roxby Downs | 7/7 Australia 23-Jul-2021 01-Aug-2021;11:59:59GMT
Supervisor Maintenance Mobile Equipment | Mt Keith WA | FIFO 7/7 or 2/1 Roster options Australia 22-Jul-2021 05-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Supervisor Field Maintenance | Residential Newman WA | Even time roster (days and nights) Australia 28-Jul-2021 09-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Supervisor Dynamic Scheduling | Iron Ore | Perth | Lifestyle Roster Australia 22-Jul-2021 07-Aug-2021;11:59:59GMT
Superintendent Reliability | WAIO | Area C | 5:2 / 4:3 / 9:5 Australia 22-Jul-2021 05-Aug-2021;11:59:59GMT
Superintendent Maintenance
Superintendent Maintenance Chile 22-Jul-2021
Chile 22-Jul-2021 01-Aug-2021;23:59:59GMT
Superintendent Land Access (Peru) Perú 28-Jul-2021 08-Aug-2021;23:59:59GMT
Superintendent Integration Management Chile 22-Jul-2021 01-Aug-2021;23:59:59GMT
Structural Engineer I Central Pilbara I FIFO from Perth 5:2 4:3 Australia 28-Jul-2021 12-Aug-2021;11:59:59GMT
Standardised Work Technician | MEM | South Flank Australia 21-Jul-2021 08-Aug-2021;11:59:59GMT
Specialist Value Chain (Technology)* Malaysia 15-Jul-2021 02-May-2021;11:59:59GMT
Specialist Trainer / Assessor - Field Builder | WAIO | Jimblebar | FIFO| 8:6 Australia 22-Jul-2021 12-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Specialist Supply Chain | Fixed Term - 12 months Philippines 06-Jul-2021 31-Aug-2021;11:59:59GMT
Specialist Supply Chain - Japanese Speaker (12 month fixed term) Philippines 09-Jul-2021 31-Jul-2021;11:59:59GMT
Specialist Strategy Optimization | Perth | 5/2 Australia 27-Jul-2021 08-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Specialist Site Systems - Caval Ridge Australia 21-Jul-2021 05-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Specialist Sales Operations | Japanese Speaker* Philippines 17-Jul-2021 30-Jun-2021;11:59:59GMT
Specialist Radio Frequency Planner | BHP | Brisbane Australia 30-Jul-2021 13-Aug-2021;09:59:59GMT
Specialist Project Construction Chile 26-Jul-2021 01-Aug-2021;23:59:59GMT