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Title Job Country Date Job Posting End Date
Mantenedor(a) Mecánico Palas
Mantenedor(a) Mecánico Palas Chile 12-Aug-2022
Chile 12-Aug-2022
Principal Operations Readiness
Principal Operations Readiness Chile 12-Aug-2022
Chile 12-Aug-2022
Programa Graduado(a)s 2023
Programa Graduado(a)s 2023 Chile 12-Aug-2022
Chile 12-Aug-2022 22-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Specialist HR Service Delivery
Specialist HR Service Delivery Chile 11-Aug-2022
Chile 11-Aug-2022
Specialist Contract Management
Specialist Contract Management Chile 11-Aug-2022
Chile 11-Aug-2022
Engineer operating scada | Escondida Chile 11-Aug-2022
Engineer A&I | Escondida
Engineer A&I | Escondida Chile 12-Aug-2022
Chile 12-Aug-2022
Technician Fixed Plant Electrical Chile 09-Aug-2022 15-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Technician Fixed Plant Electrical Chile 09-Aug-2022 15-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Mantenedor(a) Eléctrico
Mantenedor(a) Eléctrico Chile 10-Aug-2022
Chile 10-Aug-2022 15-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Principal Projects Commercial
Principal Projects Commercial Chile 08-Aug-2022
Chile 08-Aug-2022 18-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Specialist Recruitment Marketing & Candidate Engagement Chile 11-Aug-2022 26-Aug-2022;11:59:59GMT
Principal Project Control & Analysis Chile 05-Aug-2022 18-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Specialist Asset Management Planner Chile 09-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Analista Monitoreo de Condiciones Chile 08-Aug-2022 15-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Principal Project Delivery - Spence Upgrade Program Chile 05-Aug-2022 17-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Ingeniero(a) Trainee Producción Planta. Minera Escondida Chile 10-Aug-2022 16-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Ingeniero(a) Eléctrico(a) Trainee. Minera Escondida Chile 10-Aug-2022 17-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Especialista Higiene Ocupacional (Pazo Fijo 12 meses) Chile 08-Aug-2022 17-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Manager Strategic Services
Manager Strategic Services Chile 04-Aug-2022
Chile 04-Aug-2022 16-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Principal Execution
Principal Execution Chile 10-Aug-2022
Chile 10-Aug-2022 22-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Principal Project Integration
Principal Project Integration Chile 09-Aug-2022
Chile 09-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Specialist Autonomy Conversion
Specialist Autonomy Conversion Chile 10-Aug-2022
Chile 10-Aug-2022 21-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Operadores(as) Planta Trainee Minera Escondida Chile 05-Aug-2022 22-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT
Principal Consolidation Planning & Reporting Chile 02-Aug-2022 17-Aug-2022;23:59:59GMT